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Marketing Management

Save Money With Marketing Management


Marketing Management can save your business thousands of dollars. Do you have a clear plan for the direction of your company? How does marketing assist in driving your company in that direction? How much will sales have to increase to reach your goals? As sales grow will profit margin shrink?


Empire Marketing can help with all those questions and do more! We can develop a clear path to success for your business. Our entire staff is formed of current successful business owners. Why hire someone right of a college to handle your marketing? Empire Marketing is the real world company when it comes to marketing!



Marketing Calendar


The things that you keep in your toolbox can help you in the success of your marketing goals. A primary and essential tool is the marketing calendar. A marketing calendar assists you in launching your marketing vehicles in a way that can drive you to your goal using a structured and thought-out manner so that nothing is forgotten. Your marketing calendar serves as your blueprint and identifies what messaging you will use and how and what channels you will use to distribute that message.


Your marketing calendar can keep you on track, making sure that you are using every opportunity that you have to market without lapsing in your efforts. With it, you can rest assured that your planning, budgeting, and staffing are taken care of. This alone could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


They key to you a marketing calendar is to create one that works for you and your team. Be flexible with it and don’t be afraid to customize it to your needs. Your marketing calendar should enable you to coordinate all your marketing efforts and done correctly it will assist you in budgeting your strategy and tactics. It should serve as a helpful tool and not a tedious burden to complete.

Contract Negotiation


Backed by more than 17 years of experience, our consultants negotiate meticulous terms and conditions and ensure the vendor addresses your specific issues and long term objectives all while lowering your cost.


Empire Marketing has a team that has negotiated over 180 vendor contracts for a total 142 clients over the life of our careers. We have negotiated with marketing companies, technology vendors and even property deals. Empire Marketing maintains a database of contract consultants. This information works to the client’s advantage and allows us to offer this service on a action only payment basis.


What does this mean?
We will negotiate on your behalf with your vendors. This time is free of charge. The only way we are paid is if (WHEN) we save you money.


Why Your Business Needs This Service
Just last month an auto dealership was renewing their property lease. They felt like the 20 year relationship with the landlord hindered their ability to get a fair deal.


This client called on Empire Marketing. We came in, and SAVED the client saved $18,000 in the first year alone. He was able to stay in his current building as well.


THIS IS WHAT WE DO! The service is free. You only pay a % of the money we save you. Every business has to question…..why not try this service!

Media Buying


It is vital in today’s marketing climate to utilize an experience marketing agency for all your media/marketing purchasing. Empire Marketing is a group of experts that will save you money on all your marketing buys.


1. Smarter media outlet selection: Empire Marketing conducts research that aligns the type of product or service you offer with the right buyers – and with the right media outlet. We have a menu of multiple stations, newspapers and billboards to choose from. Compare this to going direct, whereby you may likely go with whichever station you personally prefer or otherwise think is popular: not a good move if you want to hit your target audience with your message. At the end of the day, it is the effectiveness of your campaign that will drive your ROI, not saving a few dollars up front by going direct.


2. Negotiating power: We know how to ask the right questions and get the deals that can save you money on your total bill. Media outlets recognize the agency’s experience and are more likely to be flexible with pricing or to clue them in on deals.


3. Understanding the lingo: Points, dayparts, PVT/PUT, O&O station, break position: there is a lot of specialized terminology in the media buying world! Leave it to an agent to cut through it all to get you the best deal possible.


4. Not all times of day are created equal: If you go direct, your advertisement will likely be relegated to less attractive times of day to run your message. Why? There are 24 hours in a day, and stations need ad inventory for every hour. Who knows where – or when – your ad will actually play. Meanwhile, a savvy media buying agent will aggressively fight to get your ads placed in the most advantageous dayparts.


5. Convenience: When you buy direct, you open yourself up to a slew of incoming calls from other stations soliciting your business. Once the word is out that you are in the market to buy media, the sharks will start circling. Instead, allow your agent to field incoming calls, negotiate, and schedule deals so that you can focus on running your business.


Want to buy smart? Call Empire Marketing an experienced, research-focused media buying agent to handle your media buys moving forward and get a better return on investment for your campaigns.